I never thought i'd be a teacher…

i come from a family of educators; my mother, father, grand and great-grandparents were all educators - teaching is in my blood. but growing up I remember resisting this path of the teacher, I craved a more lustrous life. After years jumping around in my undergrad and many failed attempts of of getting to know who I was or what I should chose for my life path I decided to take a break from it all. I was just going to be young, have fun and make some wrong decisions. So I became a bartender...

My twenties were fun! I met some life-long friends, fell in love and started to make a dent in this world (or so I thought).  After a while the late nights of the bar scene got to me but I was still caught up in the lavish life of materialistic possessions. I needed to make a transition that would allow me to establish a career yet still be social and in a field where I could climb a ladder. I chose the path of advertising. At first it was awesome. Fun accounts, awesome work environment and amazing people made going to work feel a bit like play. But yet again, after some time I realized the the work I was committing most of my life to was not fulfilling.

I thought I'd done everything right. College, house, hubby, job. I was checking all the boxes but couldn't see how to get to a place of happiness I thought came with the rest. I was miserable. I realized I had been filling my personal voids with unhealthy habits; shopping, booze, toxic relationships. To make things worse, no matter how much I progressed in my career I was never satisfied; no job title or salary raise was ever enough. I was fed up!

Brandon is my husband and best friend. He (and of course my mama) has been my sounding board and main support though my life's biggest hurdles. Brandon was seeing how unhappy I was becoming and (being the supportive counselor that he is) helped me to realize I needed to focus not on the things that brought me misery but rather to look to what was bringing me happiness and light. 

At this time I was in the first few years of developing my asana practice. I was loyal to my mat and attended community classes daily. I was hooked. I knew no matter how $h*+y my day was that my mat would take me as I showed up. My mat was a place for me to disconnect from life and be with myself. My love for my practice developed and I couldn't resist the desire to learn more. So I signed up for my first yoga TT! I never had the intentions to teach. Remember, I NEVER wanted to be a teacher. I was going to prove to my family that there was more out there for me... Little did I know I'm a really good teacher...

As I was sitting in TT one night something dawned on me. Why do I do things that I know up-front that I don't want to do? Why do I say yes to things at work when I know I don't have the band-width? Why do I stay out another hour with my friends when I know I'd rather be home early to feel better the next day? Why is it so easy for me to help others when I won't help myself? Why am I manifesting a life I don't want? I woke up that night.

I made a plan to put myself first, to learn who I am and what I want out of life, to teach yoga, to never stop being a student and to commit to the wellbeing of my physical and mental health. Wait... did I just say I wanted to teach yoga??? lol, yeah... I fell in love with teaching!

There's something magical about teaching. Knowledge is a powerful gift that is beautiful to share. When I share a subject I'm passionate about with another person and I too see their passion on the new found knowledge, there a profound exchange of energy. When I witness this exchange I recognize my purpose. I see my place in this world. My purpose is to help others see how to become the best versions of themselves. 

The services I offer include community/private/corporate yoga classes, wellness lectures on multiple topics (self care, peace pauses, routines for a productive day and more), 200 hour yoga teacher trainings (through Studio One Yoga), continuing ed credits / yeacp (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), private and small group heath coaching and various cleanse options for both your physical and energetic bodies!

This website is a place for me to share my love of yoga, wellness and education. It is my hopes that there's a little something for everyone on my site and if there's anything you see that peaks your interest, please don't hesitate to connect with me!

Thanks for taking the time to peruse my site! Peace and love,