Mentorship Offerings

Ongoing education is vital for any yoga teacher. I firmly believes when you stop learning you stop growing. A mentorship program provides yoga teachers an opportunity to develop their teaching skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga through personal study and direct guidance.


My mentorship program provides a unique experience in continuing education. Over the course of 8 weeks you will be guided through an in-depth study to advance your teaching skills, asana/meditation practice and yogic study.  I will challenge and support you to find/further develop your voice as a teacher. The program has flexible hours and is made up of the following components:

Private Mentorship Sessions

we will meet twice a week  for in-depth discussions relating to structure of sequencing, teaching formulas, themes, filler words and vocabulary of cues. These sessions will be structured to identify your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. reading and writing assignments relevant to your interests with be assigned for additional self study.

In-Depth Asana & meditation Study

In order to develop your knowledge of asana you will be asked to practice two community based asana classes per week (either with me or with a teacher I recommend) in addition to a daily home asana/meditation practice (we will develop the at home sequence together).

*community Class drop-in rates not included in the mentorship program fees.

Observation / Assist

You will be asked to observe three of my classes. Once deemed appropriate you will assist in three additional classes.

Practice Teaching

once a week I will attend your class (either in a community studio setting or one-on-one in a private setting) to observe your progress and provide feedback along the way.


This program is open to those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.


This program can start at any time. Session dates/times will be scheduled on an individual basis.