Sara is the heart and soul of our school’s yoga and wellness program. Her authentic and kind approach makes it easy for students and staff alike to welcome her powerful, yet practical insight. The passion that Sara has for empowering our students to find their inner strength and resilience is inspiring. Our students find that her classes and programming have reduced their anxiety, helped them to focus, enhanced their ability to self regulate and helped them to problem solve more effectively. During staff development Sara’s role is paramount to our staff’s self care and well-being.

Sara’s calm positivity reverberates throughout our school community long after her classes; we are grateful for the valuable life tools she shares with students and staff.
— Katy Berglund, Licensed School Counselor, Paladin Career & Technical High School

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yoga teacher, health coach, world traveler, sara is honest, strong, and fun. i love her steadiness as a teacher as much as i appreciate the twinkle in her eye as a friend. she’s practical and clear, great at alignment, and grounding.

sara’s background {in vinyasa, restorative and yin yogas} creates a class i crave for managing and releasing stress. i admire how sara can teach a class where the oldest and youngest students are 50 years apart, where bodies vary greatly in fitness and health, and make it a place where our different physical experiences are welcomed, appropriately challenged, and respected.
— Helena Kriel, ERYT, MA, TCTSY-F, YACEP

Our team has participated in Yoga for almost the past 10 years and it is has been a great addition to our training program. The sport of gymnastics is very demanding and requires a high level of training for our athletes and yoga has provided great balance to that training, both mentally and physically. In addition, our team loves it! They look forward to every session and notice a difference immediately following a session.
— jenny hansen, U of M Women's Gymnastics Head Coach
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